Lana Luxor Vs Veronica Vixen: 2018 Competitive Nude Oil Wrestling Part 1

Lana Luxor faces off against Veronica Vixen in a full on competitive nude oil wrestling match separated in rounds for 35 minutes! This is Part 1 consisting of 17 minutes. The winner is the woman with the most submissions. Although this might sounds simple - it's incredibly difficult to submit your opponent in a small confinement - such as an inflatable pool that's used in this video and that's submerged with oil - making both ladies VERY slippery. Lana has a nice height advantage of 6 inches over Veronica which could of been useful if they were wrestling on mats however with the oil and the small space makes the match more even than Lana expected! There can only be one winner. Find out now! Moves used in this match but not limited to are body scissors, head scissors, hand smothering and chokes.

Lana Luxor is 5'7 and 150lbs

Veronica Vixen is 5'1 and 120lbs

This clip runs 17 minutes long with both the 1080 HD version and smaller 720 SD version found under the FEMALE WRESTLING category in Lana Luxor's Lana Luxurious Store.