Hi everyone, 

I jumped into this exciting innovative world of fetish full force in July 2016 when Veve Lane of Doom Maidens found me on a website where I originally was advertising on for erotic modeling and  invited me to one of her well known multiple wrestler bondage tournaments. Previously my only brush with the fetish industry was when I was 19 in 2013 I dabbled in a short stint of  foot fetish shoots for a website called Brooklyn Ebony Feet. 

Nowadays I shoot fetish content full time in conjunction with taking graduate courses in Psychology. Having a degree in Psychology gives me the advantage to further understanding the correlation between the human psyche and the manifestations of various sexual fixations including but not limited to facesitting, foot worship, bondage, BDSM, ballbusting, and tickling among other fetishes. 

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Lana Luxurious 


Lana L.